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Stealthy Methods Teens Use to Hide their Drugs

a teen's bedroom

Both parents and educators are often challenged with determining whether a teen is using drugs.  With the widespread availability and abuse of prescription drugs and now heroin, today it is more critical than ever to know if a young person is involved in substance abuse.  Intervening is sometimes a matter of life or death.

Teachers and educators may not have access to a student’s belongings, but this information could be helpful in discussing with a parent whose child you suspect may be using. read more

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Ecstasy isn’t in the Headlines, Yet Still Threatens our Youth

The drugs you see in the headlines are heroin, painkillers, and marijuana but ecstasy (MDMA) is still harming and even killing our teens and young adults, making it vital to remind active and mobile youth of the damage this strong stimulant can cause.

Ecstasy is a popular party and music event drug. The full name of the drug is 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine so it may be referred to as MDMA. Its other nickname – ecstasy – is a clever allusion to the false sense of empathy and affinity this drug gives you for other people. read more